Thank You All So Much!

A big, heart-felt thanks to everyone attending the Reunion! If you stood back and watched for a while, what became apparent was that people were genuinely happy to see one another.

There are a number of people who deserve some special recognition for their assistance to the Reunion Committee:

-Mike Fincannon & Mike Butler, whose tireless work and timely posts on Facebook helped keep everyone informed (even on some last minute changes).

-Mary Sickler, our non-RHS helper and friend, who assisted Sharon (Russell) Jackson on our email address database & eBlasts and continues to do so.

-Jeanne (Mason) Hamilton, who created that beautiful Richardson High School – Class of ’68 – 50th Reunion banner that you saw hanging behind you in the photo-taking area.

-Martha (Perryman) Fitzgerald, who helped in selecting the annual photos that were shown during the Reunion.

-Sally Woodward, who assisted Kathy (Keller) Owens and Charlotte (Lawson) Frazier on the beautiful (and helpful) name tags.

-Mike Colville, “Website Mike,” who helped us to develop and maintain our website and continues to do so.

-Michael O’Brien, “DJ Mike.” Michael had something to do with the development and final product of EVERYTHING you heard on the sound system or saw on the big screens at the Reunion.

To those of you who went above and beyond and donated to the Reunion scholarship fund, please know that you allowed others to attend. You are appreciated.

To those of you who contacted us after the Reunion to offer financial assistance in the event that we couldn’t meet our financial obligations, we really appreciate you, too! After all is said and done, we are glad to report that all expenses are paid; and we have a balance of $3.34 to the good! (Seed money for the next reunion or event!)

Our final tally was 185 people in attendance. The number of 1968 classmates, teachers & coaches was 131. Nine (9) of our guests were RHS grads from other class years. Seventeen (17) of our class came from out of state and approximately 30 came from outside of the DFW Metroplex, from the far reaches of Texas.

DJ Mike’s Reunion photos have appeared on Facebook, along with those supplied by some of our classmates. To see them, search “RHS ’68 Reunion” on Facebook and now all of DJ Mike’s photos have be added to the “Photo Gallery” of this site.  Additionally, we will be adding any photos you send to us via reunionphotos68@outlook.com.

There is never enough time to see and talk to everyone, but at least you now have email addresses for those you missed. Our large contingent from the Texas Hill Country has talked about a local gathering down there and we’ve heard other “localized” suggestions.

Again, it wouldn’t have been the joyous occasion that it was, if you hadn’t been there. Thank you!

Happy Trails to you . . . Until we meet again.

Current Information
Click the “Event Info” tab to see a list of those who had planned to attend our Reunion!

June 9, 2018
Class of 1968 50 Year Reunion at the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center, located at the University of Texas @ Dallas (off Campbell Rd. in Richardson).  A great venue and a great night!


The event occured on June 9, 2018 so there is no more countdown.


Q: The Reunion Committee is a fairly big group. Why so?

A: Because it takes that many of us to remember names and sometimes, to complete a thought! Seriously, there are a lot of moving parts to these activities and it would be unfair to lay that on the shoulders of 3-4 individuals.

Q: How was the reunion site determined?

A: There was an initial list of 5 locations and all were visited by committee members.  The UTD Alumni Center was selected based on a number of different factors: We wanted a Richardson location, if at all possible; It has state of the art electronics; it’s a brand new facility; the price was great and we wanted the event affordable.  Usually the biggest complaint heard on reunions is the cost and people felt they couldn’t afford to attend.

If you have a question, please contact any of the Reunion Committee members.  Their names and email addresses may be found on the “Contacts” page in the menu.  Your question will be personally responded to via email.  We will then add your question to this page (without using your name) and our answer.  If you have that question, then someone else probably does, also.

Q: Why only checks or money orders for payment?

A: As mentioned above, cost per attendee was a determining factor. There are fees involved
with the usage of credits cards. To minimize the costs, things have been kept as simple as