In Memoriam

We have lost a number of our classmates since our graduation in May of 1968. To honor those Fallen Eagles, we are providing a list of those that we know about. Please hold them and their families in your hearts.

If you are aware of others or have found something on our list to be incorrect, please contact Debbie (Allen) Bevis at the following email address:

Buddy Ake (Deceased 2012)
Billy Allen (Deceased 1993)
Susan (Allen) Caldwell (Deceased 2018)
Merrily Andron (Deceased Year Unknown)
Teddy Barron (Deceased 2005)
Lila Bates (Deceased 1990)
Bruce Benson (Deceased 2004)
Raleigh Blakely (Deceased 2013)
John Blasutta (Deceased 2021)
Wayne Boggs (Deceased 2014)
Jennifer Bolitho (Deceased 1996)
Larry Brittain (Deceased 2009)
Charlie Bryant (Deceased 2017)
Cyndi (Burt) Dura (Deceased 2004)
Ed Calbridge (Deceased Year Unknown)
Bob Capps (Deceased 2023)
Mike Clark (Deceased 2020)
Dusty Colvin (Deceased 2008)
Sally (Crosson) Bright (Deceased 2024)
Bill Dennis (Deceased 2015)
Clyde Dwight (Deceased 2015)
Delores “Dee” (Dwight) Barnett (Deceased 2021)
Bill Edwards (Deceased 2015)
Wendal (Wendy) Edwards (Deceased 2013)
Tommy Eggers (Deceased Year Unknown)
Joe Eppler (Deceased 2018)
Bick Ferguson (Deceased 1994)
Jimmy Foster (Deceased 2021)
Steve Gaspar (Deceased 2013)
Doug Godbey (Deceased 2005)
Mark Golightly (Deceased Year Unknown)
David Golub (Deceased 2000)
Judy (Gross) Bohnsack (Deceased 2020)
Bill Guernsey (Deceased 2011)
Tom Hammargren (Deceased 2020)
Kathy (Hammerback) Bowman (Deceased 2011)
Mike Holt (Deceased 1971)
Nancy Hooper (Deceased 1989)
Jan (Ingram) Blankenship (Deceased 2015)
Judy Jestis (Deceased 2003)
Doug Johnson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Scott Kalmas (Deceased 2008)
Bob Kammeyer {Deceased 2003)
Keith Kelly (Deceased 2016)
Mike King (Deceased 2017)
Karen Kosan (Deceased 2011)
Mike Leigh (Deceased 2014)
Tom Literati (Deceased 2010)
Julie Loe (Deceased 2019)
Clay Longino (Deceased 1979)
Glenn Lowe (Deceased 2015)
David Luce (Deceased Year Unknown)
Dick Maloney (Deceased Year Unknown)
Pat (Massie) Brownmiller (Deceased 2016)
Jodie McCutchen (Deceased 2016)
Pam Melton (Deceased 2002)
Michael Meyer (Deceased 2012)
Don Monroe (Deceased 2011)
Ken Morgan (Deceased Year Unknown)
Larry Mumaw (Deceased 2007)
Randy Ochoa (Deceased 2020)
Barry Phillips (Deceased 2022)
Jeannine (Patton) Daughtrey (Deceased 2013)
Larry Provart (Deceased 1979)
Susan Ramsey (Deceased 2010)
Trent Roesler (Deceased 1989)
Rick Ruhl (Deceased 2019)
Greg Russell (Deceased 2015)
Linda Scarce-Turner (Deceased 2023)
Becky (Sloan) Solomon (Deceased 2021)
Eddie Smith (Deceased 2015)
Vinson Smith (Deceased 1973)
Janette (Speegle) Perry (Deceased 1999)
Robert “Bert” Smith (Deceased 2020)
Bill Stalsworth (Deceased Year Unknown)
Steve Staub (Deceased 2014)
Chris Streit (Deceased 1970)
Dayna Swahn (Deceased 1999)
J.D. (Jay) Terry (Deceased 2009)
Ricky Thompson (Deceased 1982)
Bruce Thrasher (Deceased 2019)
Sam Tredway (Deceased 2014)
Kathy Vogt (Deceased 1993)
Brad Warren (Deceased 1995)
Michael Whalen (Deceased Year Unknown)
Susie Wiederkehr (Deceased 2000)
Linda Willoughby (Deceased 1965)
Eddie Wilson (Deceased Year Unknown)
John Winslow (Deceased 2020)
Jim Wood (Deceased 2018)
Diane Zylka (Deceased 2019)