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Event Photos

John Swords, Bob Dudney & Mack Rogers.
Mike Blankenship & Alicia (Durham) Buescher.
Brad "Phil" Parker and Mike Blankenship.


Guarding the food table
Sharon (Russell) Jackson, Barry Carnahan & John Groves
Jan (Jeffrey) McCune, Sharon (Russell) Jackson, Brenda (Erwin) James, Lisa (Hayes) Lumpkin, Betty (Marshall) Groves & Mike Fincannon.
Lisa (Hayes) Lumpkin and Karen (Gadd) Stewart.
Steve Willey, Cathy (Elliott) Pate, Stan Holmes & Rick Holland.
Early arrivals - Group Shot.
Early Arrivers - Group Shot.
Susan (Brookner) Hood & Cathy (Elliott) Pate.
Bob "Farmer" Brown, Bob's guest Betty Rivera and Brenda (Erwin) James,
Food Table Guards and Official Tasters
Cathy (Elliott) Pate, John Tannehill, Susan (Brookner) Hood and Debbie (Allen) Bevis.
The Two Steves
Way & Willey.
Larry James & Lisa (Hayes) Lumpkin.
'67-'68 Football Team Reunion
John Swords & Coach Joe Simpson.
'67-'68 Football Team Reunion
Mike Marks & Coach Don Davis.
David Cordell & Brenda (Erwin) James.
Jan (Jeffrey) McCune, Betty (Marshall) Groves & Mike Fincannon.
Football Team Reunion
Mike Marks, Coach Joe Simpson, Coach Don Davis & Larry James.
Laurie (Hoffman) Dewell, Cathy (Elliott) Pate and Susan (Brookner) Hood.
We've Got Spirit . . . How About You!!
Cathy (Elliott) Pate & Susan (Brookner) Hood.
Mike Fincannon, Lisa (Hayes) Lumpkin & John Groves.
Jan (Jeffrey) McCune, Brenda (Erwin) James and Sharon (Russell) Jackson.
Susan (Brookner) Hood, Butch Flippo & Cathy (Elliott) Pate.
Becky (Moore) Saba, Vinni (Mitchell) Lee & Debbie (Allen) Bevis.
Tailgate & Football
Medley Butterfield (Bruce's daughter), Mack Rogers, Beverly Rogers & Bruce Butterfield.
Class of '69 Footballers
David Cordell, Mike Marks & John Wright.
Lisa (Hayes) Lumpkin & Keith Currens.
Dale & Jim Rose.
Coach Don Davis, Greg Jacob & Susan (Brookner) Hood.
Debbie (Allen) Bevis & Vinni (Mitchell) Lee.
Reunion Committee
We hope to see you on June 9th!
Are You Ready For Your Close Up?
Greg Jacob, Mike Fincannon, Tom Dewell & Jack English
The Gang
Front Row: Vinni (Mitchell) Lee, Brenda (Erwin) James. Back Row: Greg Jacob, Mike Fincannon, Tom Dewell, Jack English, Steve Way, Bob "Farmer" Brown, Larry James & Keith Currens.
The Gang
Bottom Row: Chris Fick, Debbie (Allen) Bevis, Vinni (Mitchell) Lee. Middle Row: Karen (Gadd) Stewart, Cathy (Elliott) Pate, Lisa (Hayes) Lumpkin, Mike Fincannon, Steve Way. Back Row: Mike Butler, John Wright, Coach Joe Simpson, Coach Don Davis, Greg Jacob, Tom Dewell, Jack English.
The Gang
Front Row: Betty (Marshall) Groves, Susan (Brookner) Hood, Chris Fick, Debbie (Allen) Bevis. Middle Row: Barry Carnahan, Sharon (Russell) Jackson, Steve Willey, Karen (Gadd) Stewart, Cathy (Elliott) Pate, Lisa (Hayes) Lumpkin. Back Row: John Groves, Mike Butler, John Wright, Coach Joe Simpson, Coach Don Davis.
RHS School Tour
Mike Butler, Steve Graham, Cathy (Elliott) Pate, Debbie (Allen) Bevis, Chris Fick, Thayne (Fickert) Sterling, Vinni (Mitchell) Lee, Steve Way and Karen (Gadd) Stewart.



Post-game Get-together

Post Game @ Alamo Grill
Martha Cordell (David's wife), Karen (Gadd) Stewart, Vinni (Mitchell) Lee, Debbie (Allen) Bevis, Becky (Moore) Saba and Brenda (Erwin) James.
Post Game @ Alamo Grill
Foreground: Greg Jacob, Steve Way and two of Terre Thomas' friends. Background: Karen (Gadd) Stewart, Vinni (Mitchell) Lee, Debbie (Allen) Bevis, Becky (Moore) Saba and Brenda (Erwin) James.
Post Game @ Alamo Grill
Jan (Jeffrey) McCune, Steve Willey, Sue Spradley and Larry James.



Reunion Committee Meetings

Planning or Eating?
Planning is hard work and burns many calories!
Reunion Comm Mtg. @ Karen's House
Total Organization!
Reunion Comm. Mtg. @ Karen's House
Breaking into unintended sub-committees.
Reunion Comm. Mtg. @ Cathy's House
Reunion Comm.
Our non-RHS Helper/Angel Mary Sickler, Betty (Marshall) Groves, Cathy (Elliott) Pate & Sharon (Russell) Jackson.
Reunion Committee
A rare moment of silence and everyone has their eyes open in the picture!


Event Venue

Ann & Jack Graves Ballroom
The interior of our Reunion Venue.
Touring The Ballroom
John Kyle and Carolyn Martin of the Alumni Center staff go over planning for the event with Reunion Committee members.
Inspiration Hall
The foyer area of the Alumni Center where you will check in, upon arrival.
Alumni Center Entryway
Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center entryway. Multi-level parking is just across the street.