Military Service

We know that many in our class served in the military and we would like to honor them.  Thank you for your service to our country.  Many in this group were among the last to face “the draft.”

We know that there are many more than those who are currently listed here.  If you served or are aware of a classmate who did, please send an email with name and branch of service to Keith Currens at

Bill L’Hommedieu
Paul Paris
John Tannehill
Buddy Ake (Deceased)
Steve Willey
Dusty Colvin (Deceased)
Joe Eppler (Deceased)
Mike Fincannon
Bob Hartsock
Stan Proctor
Vinson Smith (Deceased)
David Smith
Richard (Dickie) Whiting
Steve Syverson
Robert Wright
Keith Currens
Bert Smith (Deceased)
George Varner
David Boyd
Joe Strange
Scooter Smith
Ray Woods
Bob Wainner
Mike Moore
Barry Cornell
Chris Willis
Sam Tredway (Deceased)
J. D. (Jay) Terry (Deceased)
Randy Ochoa (Deceased)
John Hughes
Jim Wood (Deceased)
John Roberts
Wayne Davidson