Q: The Reunion Committee is a fairly big group. Why so?

A: Because it takes that many of us to remember names and sometimes, to complete a thought! Seriously, there are a lot of moving parts to these activities and it would be unfair to lay that on the shoulders of 3-4 individuals.

Q: How was the reunion site determined?

A: There was an initial list of 5 locations and all were visited by committee members.  The UTD Alumni Center was selected based on a number of different factors: We wanted a Richardson location, if at all possible; It has state of the art electronics; it’s a brand new facility; the price was great and we wanted the event affordable.  Usually the biggest complaint heard on reunions is the cost and people felt they couldn’t afford to attend.

If you have a question, please contact any of the Reunion Committee members.  Their names and email addresses may be found on the “Contacts” page in the menu.  Your question will be personally responded to via email.  We will then add your question to this page (without using your name) and our answer.  If you have that question, then someone else probably does, also.

Q: Why only checks or money orders for payment?

A: As mentioned above, cost per attendee was a determining factor. There are fees involved
with the usage of credits cards. To minimize the costs, things have been kept as simple as